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Einstein said something about that…

I was a social squash player with plenty of energy and endeavour but was regularly losing to the same players over and over again. I'm sure Einstein said something about that…

Luckily just before complete Insanity took hold I decided to approach Ollie in the gym as I had noticed him passively watching one of my games, this was the smartest move I ever made.

In the 18 months or so since that day we train once weekly and the change in my game is beyond remarkable! Not only can Ollie see in an instant the flaws in your general game he can explain succinctly what they are and how to address them one by one, it really is amazing. He will change the way you play the game, think about the game and see the game.

If you listen to what this man has to say and follow his simple instructions you will become a better player, it’s as simple as that. It doesn't matter if like me, you need to tear it all down and start again from scratch or if you are an excellent player that only requires the finest of tuning, Ollie will improve you! It’s hard to ask for more than that from a coach.

Robbie Wood Sydney February 14, 2017

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A Remarkable Improvement

I've been taught by Ollie for almost 3 years.

What's followed has been a remarkable improvement; from "rank beginner" to be able to play competitively. I appreciate Ollie's focus on my personal strengths and weaknesses and simplifying my game.

I would particularly recommend Ollie for anyone new to squash.

Lakshita Gunatillaka Competitive Player Sydney December 22, 2016

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A very unco-ordinated beginner

I started squash coaching with Ollie in January 2016 as a very unco-ordinated beginner. I like his non-prescriptive style of coaching. Rather than follow a pre-determined methodology he adapts to the individual he is working with to get the best out of them. He makes every lesson enjoyable.

In the past few months I have progressed to the point where I am playing social squash very competently, and am on track to start playing competition squash early next year. In fact I have been so pleased with the results that Ollie has helped me achieve that he is now my personal trainer as well as my squash coach.

I would definitely highly recommend Ollie to anyone who is looking for coaching from anyone with huge amounts of experience and the ability to get the best out of you.

Ian Hosking-Richards Sydney October 16, 2016

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Ollie is the best squash coach I could have imagined meeting!

Ollie is the best squash coach I could have imagined meeting!

He is a passionate and hard working individual who knows how to teach both technique and motive. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take on squash or improve their game up to a very high level.

Mathilde Delatte June 8, 2016

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Remarkable Teacher

I joined Hiscoes’ gym in August 2015, just looking for a new gym and not knowing anything about squash. I saw that Ollie was giving a free beginner’s class in squash to members and thought it would be fun to give it a try. The first couple classes were great and I was hooked.

Then during the third class a couple of students were missing so I had a one-on-one session with Ollie. I couldn’t believe how much I improved in that one session! After that I decided to try individual coaching with Ollie and I am so glad that I did.

Ollie is a remarkable teacher and I have learned so much from him. He is very patient and encouraging, always giving constructive yet positive feedback. His approach is simple but highly effective. We have started from the very beginning, working on the basic swing mechanics and gradually building up to more advanced techniques and game strategy. I appreciate that he never gives me too much to handle at one time. He gives me small focused goals to work on and will only take the next step when he feels that I am ready. In this way, he has helped build my game from a solid foundation.

After four months of coaching with Ollie, my game has improved dramatically. I have gone from a complete beginner to preparing for my first comp and am looking forward to further improvements ahead. But more importantly, I am having so much fun! Sometimes I will get frustrated if I am not playing well or if I lose a couple games, but Ollie will always remind me to enjoy the ride. Over the past few months, I have developed a passion and enthusiasm for squash that would not exist without Ollie’s teaching, guidance, and encouragement.

I have played a lot of different sports and have had many different coaches, but I can say that Ollie is the best teacher that I have ever had. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their squash and enhance their enjoyment of the sport.

Juno Min Sydney January 19, 2016

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Squash, the real stuff.

I started playing squash with a few friends for fun, pretty much by mistake. Just running around and chasing the ball, using squash as a workout. Then I've discovered Hiscoes and few months later I was doing private lessons with Ollie.

Remarkable. Ollie is just a great man and a better squash coach. He works on every flaw you have until is completely fixed and improves your game every time you have a lesson. He gives you exercises, to improve where you are not good enough and this helps a lot, if you practice constantly you'll see changes on weekly basis!

The perspective, the tactics, the positioning, everything finds new meaning after you spend some time with Ollie.

If you want to have a shot, a REAL shot at squash, take a few private lessons and you'll understand how much it will improve your game.

Nedim Surry Hills June 17, 2015

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In less than a minute with the answer!

I’d been playing squash for about a year when I first went for a lesson with Ollie. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own so I finally took the plunge and went for some coaching. We started the lesson with a simple ‘let’s have a few hits against the wall and see where you’re at’. In less than a minute he came back to me with the answer....... ‘You’re holding the racquet wrong’!

From that first lesson onwards Ollie took the approach of breaking my game down completely and rebuilding it. Early lessons focused on getting the correct swing technique, movement, ensuring I knew where the hitting zone was and how best to utilise it and constantly drilling in to me his three key points of watch, move, stroke. Each lesson was varied and always interesting and rewarding. No matter how badly I started the lesson by the end of it I always felt that I’d improved my game.

Ollie is a very patient and encouraging teacher, he’s put up with a number of my tantrums when things weren’t going my way, and always took the time to break down what was wrong, where I was making the mistake and then constructively advising me on how to ensure I didn’t keep making the same mistakes.

Ollie is also completely open to adapting the lessons to address any issues you’ve noticed during games. Is your serve not quite what it should be? Backhand return always feeble? Drop shot more of a dropped shot? Tell Ollie what your biggest concerns about your game are and he’ll be able to tailor your lessons so that you can spend the time working on them.

If you’re thinking of taking lessons I would highly recommend Ollie as a coach. The lessons are fun and rewarding and you will see the improvement in your game in no time.

Matt Best Sydney March 16, 2015

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A Great Experience

Ollies coaching has been a great experience.

He has completely transformed my game and helped my attacking and defensive games work seamlessly together. He also makes understanding the fundamental strategies of breaking down a game and reading your opponent’s easy.

I highly recommend his coaching.

Adam Stivala Darlinghurst, NSW Australia February 11, 2015

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Really Enjoy Playing Squash Thanks to Ollie

Before taking squash lessons with Ollie, I was a poor squash player. Always felt a bit stiff and sore after squash and not very competitive.

I started doing squash lessons with Ollie about two years ago.

Ollie completely ripped apart my game and technique and started me from scratch. I'm now a very competitive squash player (regularly winning in competition) and most importantly really enjoy playing Squash thanks to Ollie's weekly training sessions.

I can only highly recommend Ollie as a squash coach. Lessons can be both tough and enjoyable but always result in continuous improvement to my game.

I really enjoy training with Ollie hence the reason I have been doing lessons for the last two years.

For any one interested in taking up squash or for somebody who wants to improve their game I would highly recommend training with Ollie.

(By the way I'm not one for compliments unless I feel somebody has really earned it.)

Ross Byrne

Ross Byrne Surry Hills December 21, 2014

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Copious Amounts of Patience and Experience

Ollie's coaching style is concise and methodical. He deconstructs your technique and style in order to identify what you do well/not so well and then proceeds into building on your strengths and works progressively on your weaknesses.

He continually encourages you through the difficult process of breaking old habits, while also not letting you slacken on the progress.

He has a clear passion and love for the game both for the pleasure of playing well and the satisfaction of mastering the discipline.

He draws parallels in playing the ball to many of life's other challenges, in striving to find the focus/zone feeling of a clear and in control mind. It is truly satisfying from both an athletic and personal perspective when certain milestones are reached in your game.

Ollie has copious amounts of patience and experience in helping you reach your full potential playing squash.

Christian Cikara Surry Hills December 21, 2014