Welcome to ollielindsquash.com.

I operate from Hiscoes Health and Fitness, 525 Crown St Surry Hills, an iconic squash centre for over 25 years. We offer a wide range of squash services ideal for beginners all the way through to advanced competition players.


To provide an effective introduction to squash for beginners and an easily accessible pathway to mastery of our great sport for all players.

Services include frequent free six week coaching courses for gym members who wish to take up the sport. Non members pay a minimal fee.

The next stage in beginner development is a Development Series that lasts for six weeks.
In February we will be introducing an advanced Development series to be conducted on Sunday morning.

From there Hiscoes run round robin competitions on a regular basis.

We also have an active squash club with teams in the interclub pennant competition where we compete over two regular seasons each year.

For the individual who wants to really advance their game I offer one on one coaching. I really aim to make it as easy as possible to take on the skills necessary to play well.

The individual lessons have several features you should know about.

  • Lesson times are one hour (approx). Often I run a session a little longer at no extra charge. The reason I do is I teach to a result, not a time as such.
  • Each lesson is designed for the individual. Each of us is an individual and needs vary. It often takes a varied approach to achieve the result the individual wants.
  • All students are consulted as to what they need and want. I teach according to the need of the student, not to a “system.”
  • Coaching sessions consist of consultation, drills, demonstrations and positive feedback.
  • Videos are made of each student to analyse strokeplay so the student can actually see what he is doing and so correct any weaknesses.
  • Commencing in 2015 I will be filming matches and offering students an analysis on all aspects of their game.

Not only do we teach students how to hit the ball we also teach how to PLAY the game.

Things like rules, strategy, court behaviour are taught. Lessons are by arrangement with me. For the group coaching, round robins and the like go to hiscoes.com.au for course times and prices.

I am proud to work with Hiscoes as they are a family company and they really care about growing squash.

If you have any queries you can email me at ollielindsquash.com or call me on 0419 901 540

Come play squash and have the time of your life.